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What is Icom LTE-CONNECT?

LTE_CONNECT System enables two-way radio style communication with the ease and convenience of PTT (Push-To-Talk) operation over our nationwide 4G/LTE and 3G data networks.

This is an alternative to traditional radio as it provides users with telephone style conversations, including full duplex, without investing in costly radio network infrastructure.

What is the coverage range of the LTE-CONNECT system?

LTE-CONNECT offers coverage in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Do I need a FCC/Industry Canada license to use LTE Connect?

No, the IP501H and IP501M are license free to operate in USA/Canada/Mexico.

Can I use my existing two-way radio system with LTE Connect?

Yes, the VE-PG4 RoIP Gateway interconnects several new and old radio technologies to LTE solution.

Is it PoC (PTT over Cellular)?

No, PoC is a specific protocol that allows Push to Talk (PTT) communications through a cellular network, our Radio (IP5 01H) is a data device used for voice communications.

Is this a cellular phone with rugged case and PTT button?

No. Our LTE radios are not cellular phones. They are push to talk two-way radios that work over the 4G/LTE/3G data networks. The units are designed to be used for commercial environments where you need to talk to one or more parties straight away. There is no need to dial a number as you push to speak directly to the other person or people in the group. They are designed to withstand rough environments and meet tough IP67 standards.

Can I use my own SIM card in the radio?

No, Icom will supply a custom SIM card. Each SIM has its own ID and password and will only work with an Icom supplied device. This custom SIM card will not work in any other device.

Can I use Icom's LTE radio SIM to connect to the internet?

No, the supplied SIM will allow a connection direct to Icom’s secure cloud server and can only be used with an Icom supplied device.

Is the LTE-CONNECT system secure?

Yes, this is a private system with a dedicated MPLS Connection from the LTE/3G Radio access network of carriers direct to our cloud servers. There is no use of public internet for a call control.

We’ve worked diligently to make sure that the highest level of encryption is in place on the cloud server to secure your private data and communications as well as adhering to all data privacy handling requirements to maintain your best interest.

Can I use Icom’s Data SIM to connect to the internet?

The IP501H and IP501M are centrally controlled devices that typically have little interaction with the internet. That said, the IP501M has an Ethernet port that when used in combination with our VE-PG4 or another IP501M, can be setup to route connected devices to the internet or wherever a customer choses.

Can radio scanners listen to my calls?

No, this is a data device, only devices connected through our private, secure cloud server can communicate with each other.

Can I use my own data or cellphone SIM card in the radio?

No, Icom will supply a custom SIM card. Each SIM has its own ID and password and will only work with an Icom supplied device. This custom SIM card will not work in any other device.

Are Icom LTE devices approved by PTCRB?

Yes, the IP501H, IP501M mobiles and RoIP Gateway VEPG4 are certified and approved by PTCRB and also approved by FCC/Industry Canada.

What is PTCRB?

With PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) certification, operators and device manufacturers are confident of a device’s interoperability with wireless networks.

PTCRB certification verifies compliance with global industry standards for wireless cellular devices.

The PTCRB Working Group within the CTIA Certification program defines the requirements. Member operators are committed to ensuring device quality through a rigorous certification process.

Without PTCRB certification, manufacturers run the risk that their devices will perform poorly on wireless networks.

Why is PTCRB approval important?

All devices that access a carriers tower in North America require PTCRB approval. A device that is not approved can be denied access from the carriers.

What about my PTT over cellular device that I bought from someone?

You are in non-compliance if the device is not approved by PTCRB and access can be denied by the carriers.

How does the LTE-CONNECT system work?

Traffic is controlled by a central server. The radio gains access to the server via LTE/3G network connections via SIM card.

Where is the server located that manages the LTE-Connect network?

Our US and Canadian servers are based in a secure locations in the US and Canada.

Does the LTE-CONNECT system require airtime?

Yes, there is a monthly flat rate for unlimited usage.

Will the IP501H and IP501M communicate in area’s without LTE/3G data signals?

No, the IP501H and IP501M requires an LTE 4G or 3G data signal in order to operate.

Who can I talk to using LTE-CONNECT Radios?

This is a private radio system. Users can only communicate with individuals that have been programmed into the system. A total of 500 users can be programmed into each device and 2000+ users can be part of a private system.

What type of calling can I do with the LTE-CONNECT radios?

The IP501H portable and IP501M mobile operate exactly like a traditional radio. Placing an ALL, GROUP and/or INDIVIDUAL Call is available.

How many LTE-CONNECT radios can be use in one system?

A total of 500 users can be programmed into each device and 2000+ users can be part of a private system.

What is Full Duplex?

The IP501H and IP501M are full duplex capable. This allows users to talk and listen at the same time - similar to a cell phone. Traditional two-way radios are simplex where each person has to wait till other party finishes before speaking.

Does the IP501H have safety features?

Yes, the IP501H has Priority Calling, Man-down, Lone Worker & Emergency Signaling.

What other features are built into the IP501H?

These radios are Waterproof, have built-in GPS and Bluetooth®, a Vibrate Alert, Voice Message Record and predefined Text Messages.

Why is the Audio quality on the IP501H better than a traditional radio?

Traditional radios, either Analog or digital, use a narrow bandwidth to pass audio. This restricts the amount of information that can be transmitted. Given the IP501H is a data device operating via LTE, a much wider bandwidth is available.

What products are available in the Icom LTE-CONNECT System?

The Icom IP501H portable, IP501M LTE mobile and Radio over IP Gateway VEPG4 are available in LTE-CONNECT System. Each product provides wide area communication using the 4G/LTE and 3G data networks. This allows you to make individual and group calls in the same manner as a conventional two-way radio. VEPG4 offers great felxibilty to integrate several radio technologies to LTE-Connect platform.

What is involved in the installation of an Icom LTE-CONNECT Radio System?

There is nothing more involved than purchasing the IP501H LTE portable and/or IP501M mobile (simple & easy installation) with airtime. We will set up the SIM and radios to your preference, ship and once you have received your radios, they are ready to use.

Do I require frequencies from FCC or Industry Canada to operate the radios?

No, the IP501H and IP501M are license free to operate in USA/Canada/Mexico.

What is the cost involved in setting up an LTE-CONNECT radio system (for example, does it need a repeater or antenna system)?"

Unlike traditional radio, there are no requirements for infrastructure investment. No need to invest in repeaters, cabling, or radio programming. Once set up by your dealer, it’s as simple as turning on the unit and starting the call by pushing the PTT (push-to-talk) button.