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Communication Range

Icom’s WLAN system extends your communication range

Using IP radio in wireless networks gives users different communication options

Individual, group or area communication

Users at a hotel, for example can move around and communicate freely throughout the network.

Intra-building Communication

By deploying access points along the IP network, the system can communicate all the way from the basement to the top floor.The IP100H can access the nearest access point and can roam between them (same SSID’s are required for roaming use).

WLAN Individual, group or area communication

Communication between different locations

If connected over an Internet VPN, the IP100H/IP100FS can communicate between different locations.

WLAN Communication between different locations

Hands-free with full duplex communication

With an option earphone-mic or headset, hands-free operation allows you to communicate in the system while performing other tasks. You can also use full duplex in a group call.

WLAN Hands-free full duplex communication